Hebridean Sheep Society Flock No:5717   Flock Name: Vault

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The coloured wool of the Hebridean sheep is popular with hand and specialist spinners and is excellent for felting.

The fleeces come in a variety of colours depending on the age of the animal. The colours range from sliver grey as taken from our older ewes and black or golden brown from the younger stock.

A typical fleece weighs approximately 1.8 to 2.4kg.

If you are local you are welcome to choose your fleeces by weight and colour – we may even be able to show you the sheep they came from!

We are happy to take orders in advance. Fleeces are normally available from June onwards, subject to our local sheep shearer.  


As we use a local abattoir we normally collect the skins after slaughter. These make fine sheepskin rugs.

Over the years we have acquired numerous sheepskin rugs. Our collie Tasha has her own rug in her basket and even the cat has his own. You naturally need to tan these, as with any animal skin. We are happy to give you full instructions and you can buy the chemicals needed on eBay.

If you don’t feel up to the challenge this time you (or we, on your behalf) could always send it to Nicki Port in Herefordshire and have her do an excellent job for you. Click   to get more information on her organic sheepskin tannery.

We are AHVLA registered for ABP - 24/847/0040. Feel free to contact us for more details.