Hebridean Sheep Society Flock No:5717   Flock Name: Vault

T 01547 560161   M 07796 082297

Our Flock

The Vault Flock was started in 2004 when we visited Cotswold Farm Park, the home of rare breeds. This is where we initially purchased 3 ewe lambs.

These three Hebrideans were purchased as pets and used as lawnmowers when we lived on the Malverns. 

We then decided to try and breed with them the following year. Through the Hebridean Sheep Society we found other local members. In November 2005 a proven ram Rye End Sebastian arrived on loan from local breeders Neil and Katie Anderson. This was the ram that started our "Vault" flock.

The numbers have fluctuated over the years and as of today we have twelve breeding ewes.

All our sheep are born, reared and grazed on our traditional pastures.


Hebridean Sheep