Registered stock born pre 2020 must have a metal ear tag engraved 'HEB.SS' showing individual registration number and year of birth.

All registered sheep have an A4 yellow document with UK ID tag numbers to match those on the sheep.
Hebridean sheep can only be registered by the breeder and you can't breed a registered sheep from unregistered parents.

Without the documention it will always be just a little black sheep!
The Hebridean Sheep Society exists to promote all the virtues of this wonderful breed.

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Vault Theo

Reserve Champion (Hebridean Ram) at the Royal County of Berkshire Show (Newbury) in September 2019.

Welcome to our Vault Flock Website

Welcome to our Hebridean sheep site. We live in the Welsh Marches on the edge of a small village near the Herefordshire/Powys border, about 18 miles north of Hereford.  (Please Click on the for more information - opens a new tab)

We have been breeding Hebrideans for a number of years and have been involved in showing since 2012 - coming 1st in Show and Reserve Champion (Hebridean Ram) at Melton Mowbray.

We chose to keep Hebrideans as they are a small and hardy primitive breed and very easy to handle, especially for those starting out with sheep as their first livestock.

Over the years our flock has expanded and our freezer is always full, so we can now offer our lambs for sale, either for breeding, grass cutting or for your freezer.

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Sycamore Inverlochy - HSS 1111/16
Breeder - Mrs V C K Mason

Show Results as Shearling Ram
Breed Champion - Royal Highland Show 2017
First      - Royal Highland Show 2017
Second - Royal Cheshire Country Show 2017
Second - Great York Show 2017
Second - Westmorland Country Show 2017
Second - Newbury Show 2017

Progeny include
Sycamore KKingcup - Champion - Great York Show 2019
Sycamore KKingcup - Champion - Royal Cheshire Show 2019
Sycamore KKingfisher - Champion - Stafford County Show 2019
Sycamore KKingcup - First - Berkshire Show 2018
Sycamore KKlara - Second - Great York Show 2019
Mullach Tipula - Third - York Show and Sale 2018

Sycamore Inverlochy

Mouse-over him to see his show results and progeny.

Latest News

Lambing is over for 2022 and we have a total of 15 ewes and 11 ram lambs. We have taken an order for all 15 ewe lambs so only have rams left. These are available to buy now.     


 📌 Click to see the progress and compare birthing dates with other years.


This year we had 26 lambs with our ram Sycamore Inverlochy, who stays with his ewes all year round. He is a proven winner and has sired winning progeny.

Vault Victor, after generating 110 registered offspring, is no longer with us but had 9 years of an active and productive life.



In May we attended The Royal Welsh Show and came away with a 1st in the Ewe with Lambs class (Vault Snowfire), a 2nd in the Senior Ram class (Vault Apollo) and 1st in the Group of 3 class.


📌 Click to see the Hebridean Sheep Society main events, as planned for 2022.


We attended the Moreton in Marsh show again in 2019 where we were happy to take two 1st places in Shearling Ram (Vault Theo), and Ram Lamb (Vault Thunder). We also collected two 2nd and two 3rd rosettes. Click to see the full 2019 results

You may also view results from 2018

We also went to the Royal County of Berkshire Show (Newbury) in September and were delighted to win the Ram class with Vault Theo who then went on to became Reserve Champion.

Zoe and Ken - June 2022


Victor with son Theo

The Vault Flock was started in 2004 when we visited Cotswold Farm Park, the home of rare breeds.

Our flock

The Vault Flock started in 2004, when we purchased 3 ewe lambs from Cotswold Farm Park. These three Hebrideans were purchased as pets and used as lawnmowers when we lived on the Malverns.

The following year we decided to try and breed.

In November 2005 a proven ram Rye End Sebastian arrived on loan from local breeders Neil and Katie Anderson. This was the ram that started our "Vault" flock. Hebridean Sheep Society Flock No:5717

Having moved to the Lincolnshire Wolds we used Bearslair Captain and later purchased Cillimore Rhum from the York sale, who was the sire of our Vault Victor.

Stock numbers have fluctuated over the years and as of today we have 15 breeding ewes.

Our breeding stock has been purchased over the years, privately as well as from Melton Mowbray, and includes such flock names as Carrcross, Cinderhill, Jet, Skipwith, Sturch's Barn, & Sycamore .

All our sheep are born, reared and grazed on site and on local traditional pastures covering some 8 acres.

Latest Stock News

If you are interested in purchasing any of our 2021 lambs (rams or ewes) or this years lambs (2022) please contact us. We have both ewe and ram lambs for sale

You are welcome to come and visit the flock with no obligation to buy.


Stock for Sale - 2022

We have been selling our lambs for a number of years to Wildlife Trusts, HSS breeders, and to those just starting out wanting good quality stock for a flock of their own or for keeping in the freezer.

All our stock is registered with the Hebridean Sheep Society and of course so are all our lambs.

Any lamb sold is fully tagged, injected and has a full set of registration documents.

Sycamore Inverlochy has been running with our 15 ewes this winter. The lambs were born from mid March to mid April.

📌 Click to see our lambing progress and compare birthing dates over the last few years.


Our general stock list and their pedigree can be viewed online


📌 Click to view  - This is fully updated with 2021 lambs and will soon be updated with this years lambs (2022).

Zoe and Ken - June 2022


Ram Hire 2022/2023

We can offer you a choice from a number of quality ram lambs. These would happily tup a small or large number of ewes from November onwards. Hire would typically be from November to January. Booking in advance would save disappointment!


6 registered rams were hired out in 2021.
📌 Click to view those hired out and now available for hire in late 2022


Alternately, if you have a mixed aged flock and do not want to put all of them to the ram, then we can consider homing your ewes with ours over the tupping period.

Ram Hire

In the past few years we have loaned various rams, both 2 and 4 horned, including:

Victor on loan to Stuart and Linda Jarvis of the Click-em-Wood flock. His offspring have won many rossettes at national shows over the last few years including a first at the HSS National Show in 2019 with Bluebell 2nd, now owned by Cathy Cassie.

When Victor returned he became our main ram for tupping and remained so until 2018/19.

Lisa and Steven Higginbottom from the Rhydoldog estate near Rhyader loaned Erik our 4 horned ram over winter 2014/15. They then loaned Orion to tup their flock over winter 2015/16. In 2020 they purchased 2 ram lambs from us for tupping.

In 2018 Titan, our prize winning shearling ram, was on loan to Jayne Neville in Ceredigion Wales and this year (2019/20) he was off for winter tupping in Holbeach, Lincolnshire with Helen MacDonald.He settled in so well that they chose to keep him as their main ram.

Theo - Reserve Champion at Royal County of Berkshire Show 2019 was on loan in that year to Trevor and Clare in Oxford, tupping some 12 ewes. In November 2020 he was on loan to Rhys Jenkin, starting another new flock. Tony Chambers in Bath had him for tupping from November 2021.


In 2019 Victor sired a new line of progeny for Ben and Gill who have the Hergest Flock in Kington, Herefordshire. In 2020 his progeny were tupped by one of Sycamore Inverlochy's registered sons - Vault Enterprise.


For the more adventurous, we can supply the carcass whole, enabling you to become a home butcher! It is quite simple - click to play a YouTube HD video.  

Tried Authentic Hebridean?

The meat of the Hebridean has a unique and distinct taste. It is ideal as a roasted joint or made into casseroles and tagines. It can be purchased directly from us as boxed meat at certain times of the year. It’s not just us - Hebridean meat is in demand by top chefs and restaurateurs as it lends itself well to gourmet meals.

Our lambs are reared until they are approximately 15 months old, which we feel is the perfect age for the combination of tenderness, flavour and size. They are allowed to develop and grow slowly, giving a high quality meat, low in fat and full of taste. At this age they are classed and sold as hogget.

This slow to mature way yields a lean but very flavoursome meat with a thin covering of fat.

Slaughter is at our local private abattoir at Leintwardine where they prepare the carcass to our specific requirements. The carcass is typically 20+kg or a little more before cutting up.


We will have a small number of lambs available from about 1st October 2022 - feel free to contact us if interested and we can keep you advised.

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